We have seen numerous Copperhead Snakes on the Katy Trail. But. For 8 miles of its route, the 8-foot-wide concrete trail follows along the commuter rail line, the Denton County A-Train, a 21-mile rail commuter line between Denton and Carrollton, where it connects to the DART Green light rail line into Dallas. YOU CAN NOT RESUPPLY IN CLIFTON CITY! There is MUCH to see and do along the Trail. Katy Railroad (MKT): Map, History, Logo, Passenger Trains. The Katy Trail is the old route of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas rail line (M-K-T, or "Katy" for short). St. Charles, Sedaila, Columbia, (that I can think of off hand) do have Bike Shops, but you will have to ride a few miles to find them. Your bicycle tires do NOT protect you from Lightening. Heated in the Winter. When you arrive to this Trail Head there is a small Trail Head Pavilion, and Pit Toilets. There is a LOVELY Koi Pond at the Boonville Casino with a Fish Food 'Gum Ball Machine' near it so that you can feed them for .25. As you can see, there is some variation in the western section, and then a gradual decline heading eastward from Boonville where the trail runs alongside the Missouri River. Some are QUITE Large and everyone Beautiful! Deron and I have not only ridden the Katy Trail End to End, a few times, we currently ride it almost daily in our area. The Missouri-Kansas-Texas, better known as the "Katy," was a southern Midwest line that connected St. Louis with much of east Texas. Maybe they Toured the Trail a few years back, and have come back to take their time and enjoy the Sites and Festivals along the way. PILOT GROVE: Very Small Town, but will have most of what you might need. This map was created to explore the many trailheads and towns that line the Katy Trail. But you can still experience railroad history all along the trail, through several preserved train cars, depots restored to their original splendor, No Water. We must raise over $1 million each year through memberships, events, and corporate donations to keep the Trail running in peak condition. It is AMAZING the things they carry! You can ride up onto the Old Bridge, we love it and it is worth looking at. ROCHEPORT: Touristy. The Katy … This interactive map of the Katy Trail and Rock Island Trail shows you town locations, distances, and services along the trails. SEDALIA FAIRGROUNDS: Large Parking Lot, Horse Water Trofts, Pavilion with Picnic Tables. Due to its long sections between access points, it is advisable to carry plenty of water when travelling the trail. The Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad was better known as simply The Katy; It was nicknamed The Katy because K-T was it's stock exchange symbol. MO wind can bring in Cold Weather within several minutes. The MKT Trail is Columbia's premier multi-use trail. Katy Trail State Park is built on the corridor of the former Missouri-Kansas-Texas (MKT) Railroad, better known as the Katy. We have panniers for Groceries as well as anything else we need to carry to or from town. If you pick up a Trail Map at any of the Trailheads, there is a list of Public Camp Grounds with phone numbers and emails listed. We see 'regulars' often. We have met such nice folks out there! The Katy Trail is 237 mile bike trail stretching across most of the state of. Yes. NOT EVEN WATER! There is a Pit Toilet, Trailhead Pavilion, and a short ride 'in the other direction' to thr Roadway that you might want to ride down to for that 'full ride feel'. CLIFTON CITY: NO WATER, NO FOOD. If you are staying overnight in Towns, if you are resupplying your foods and waters, some towns are further off the Trail than one might think from reading what is printed in written information. If it had been saved, we could have connected directly to the Katy Trail State Park at Sedalia. There are Detours (several at the 2020 writing). There are telephone numbers you may need, lists of campsites, trail rules, mileage from Trailhead to Trailhead, some roadway maps you may need, a bit of Katy Trail History and more. Lightening on a Bicycle is NOT like Lightening inside a Vehicle with a shield and four rubber tires on pavement. Do not ride in the middle of the Trail (ever really) but when wet, there are areas that 'open up' with deep ruts. Just after the Pavilion the Trail leaves the Chat, to take you to the new Bridge put in a few years back. Often in very hilly areas. At each of the Trail Heads there are Free Maps. We can not tell you, however, how many times we have heard people say they could not get ANYTHING on Mondays. AUGUSTA: VERY over used Pit Toilets! Augusta is a very busy area of the Trail. Katy Trailhead Map. THIS is the Toilet that will make you wish you had carried wet wipes....mostly, but not only, for your hands. Trail users have the opportunity to wind through some of the most scenic areas of the state with the majority of the trail closely following the Missouri River. Fill your Water Supplies each and every time you are able to, and carry more than you think you need. One type of riding is not better than another. From the KATY Trail toward the house is ours. When taking photos, be careful. Ride a Bicycle. It has been decades since MKT trains ran along the route that's now the Katy Trail. Filled with railroad artifacts and memorabilia, the Depot is a beautiful example of restoration at its best. Wanna CLEAR YOUR HEAD!? There is also Water at the Trail Head as well as a very nice Bike Station (that is tools, a stand for lifting your bicycle onto and tire pump) as well as a Laundrymatt, and if your bike is especially dirty, a Car Wash, all of this either at the Trailhead or just blocks away. It ranked second in the nation for "Best Urban Trail" in the 2016 USA Today's 10 Best Readers' Choice Awards. Scamp Campers, those that just 'pull over and throw up a tent' are on Private Property. OFTEN we see people riding their bicycles, usually FULL PACKED, that thought they could resupply in Clifton City, between Sedalia and Pilot Groves, the most hilly part of the Trail. Yes. We arae so Blessed! Most Land Owners do NOT want Scamp Campers using their land as toilets and tents set up on their yards or in their fields or woods. You might not find many businesses open in most of the towns, and barely a thing on a Monday, however, Due to BRILLIANT Marketing, many small towns now have Casey's and Dollar General. You just have a lot of miles between events and attractions. And. Thanks to Gary Irwin for providing this chart. Just our opinions. It would surprise a LOT of people how many folks use the Trail all year. When we decided to move away from SD one of the Big Things on our list of, 'here's what we would like for our new place to have', near enough to ride our bicycle to the Katy Trail without loading them up to get there. Follow the markings on the Roadway for Katy Trail, and off to a short concrete ride. So while the TRAIL is 238, plan on riding further. We often ride to the next towns and further just for our Morning Rides. That can sound delightful on a Hot Summer Day, but for some, it can mean Hypothermia. We call it home. Conversations always lead to 'The Trip', 'The Experience'. Katy Trail is also part of the American Discovery Trail, has been designated as a Millennium Legacy Trail and was added to the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Hall of Fame in 2008. Open year-round from sunrise to sunset, it serves hikers, joggers, and cyclists. I have never been in one that does NOT have very friendly employees. We have found, from talking to people, and riding the Trail ourselves, there seem to be two types that Ride the Trail End To End. There are telephone numbers you may need, lists of campsites, trail rules, mileage from Trailhead to Trailhead, some roadway maps you may need, a bit of Katy Trail History and more. A Pit Toilet and a Picnic Table, as well as the Trail Head Pavilion. NORTH JEFFERSON: Water, Toilet (Out House in Winter), Picnic Tables. This 10-foot wide trail built on the old railbed of the MKT railroad begins in downtown Columbia in Flat Branch Park at 4th and Cherry Streets and ends at the State of Missouri's Katy Trail State Park near McBaine. Ride a Bicycle. This story map was created with the Story Map Series application in ArcGIS Online. Having a Water Repellent Jacket really is important on long Katy Trail Rides. The KATY Trail passes through Eagle Bluffs and many birders enjoy making the short ride from Columbia to the area. Area Website. You will be riding on the Roadway. The Katy Trail is 238 miles long. There are small things to see, to do, that many people pass by not knowing about. It has been decades since MKT trains ran along the route that's now the Katy Trail. At each of the Trail Heads there are Free Maps. A visitor welcome area and park with maps and information for travelers using the Missouri Katy trail. The Katy Trail is a Missouri State Park,… Deron and I have ridden the whole Trail both directions since moving back to MO and plan to do it again, this time on a Tandem, see page on this site. Planning a trip on such an expansive trail network is made easy with our interactive maps. If it sounds like I am being prudish about some of the Trailheads, I am not. Check small town websites along the way, most of these small towns host some sort of Festivals in the Summer and Fall. Katy Trail Elevation Chart . MKT is the first distillery in “Old Town Katy”, and they are proudly located in the heart of Katy in the well-known rice silos. There are only Walmarts and Big Grocery Stores, and in fact Coffee Shops in Sedalia and St. Charles, that is without riding several more miles as you would have to to find them in Colombia, Boonville, and I am sure a few other towns. Built on the former railroad corridor of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas (MKT) Railroad, the Katy Trail is the longest of the rails-to-trails routes. We love riding our bicycles. The trail was built over the old MKT rail bed as part of the Rails-to-Trails program started in the 1970s. Katy Trail goes through the RURAL parts, the Farming Areas, of MO. The Katy Trail is built on the former corridor of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas (MKT) Railroad (better known as Katy). MKT tunnel on Katy Trail, Missouri. CLINTON: This Small Town is not at the Trailhead. Restaurant and Bike Rental. Without Friends, the Katy Trail would go nowhere. Katy Trail has many, at this writing (2020), Detours. Article by Adam Burns. Do not plan on it. Boonville and Augusta, I believe, or at this writing, are the only two towns with Bike Shops ON the Trail. It runs 240 miles (390 km), largely along the northern bank of the Missouri River, in the right-of-way of the former Missouri–Kansas–Texas Railroad. BOONVILLE: Trail Head Pavilion, Flushing Toilets. find trail maps, reviews, photos & driving directions on traillink.com Some towns, such as Pilot Grove, offer FREE Camping. While the Diner is not always open (we find rarely open) there is not only a Casey's near the Trail Head, but also a Dollar General just down the main Road. Likewise with the line running from Parsons to Fort Scott, which was the MKT “main line”, running through Nevada, MO and on to Clinton, MO — currently the western terminus of the Katy Trail. While some days in the Summer can be very Hot and Humid. The Katy, also known as the MKT trail for the now defunct Missouri – Kansas – Texas Railroad, is a real jewel in the world of rail trails for its length, scenic beauty and easy accessibility. The MKT Nature and Fitness Trail spans just over 9 miles between the famed Katy Trail State Park, which stretches across Missouri, and Columbia.It gets its name from the former spur line of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas (MKT) Railroad, which it follows. The trail is a "rails-to-trails" trail, built on the old abandoned railroad bed. Developed from 1982 onward, it is a spur of the longest rail trail in the United States, the Katy Trail.It is open for use by hikers, joggers, and cyclists year … When the railroad decided to cease operation on its route from Machens to Sedalia in 1986, it presented the chance to create an extraordinary recreational opportunity -- 225 miles of hiking and biking trail across the state of Missouri that allows the user to experience … There is a Bike Shop right on the trail just up a block from Pavilion, across from the Caboose. When the railroad ceased operation on its route in Missouri from Machens in St. Charles County to Sedalia in Pettis County in 1986, Missouri State Parks was able to acquire the railroad right-of-way through an amendment to the National Trails System Act. Do I see NEEDS for improvements? Keep in mind that the Katy Trail is only State Park ON THE TRAIL! The MKT Nature and Fitness Trail is a recreational rail trail in Columbia, Missouri, that runs nine miles (14 km) in the right-of-way of the former Missouri–Kansas–Texas Railroad.MKT is an acronym for Missouri-Kansas-Texas. When you plan your daily mileage, ASK on line about Detour areas and how far your overnight accommodations will be from the Trail. Deron and I also Snow Shoe and CC Ski on the Trail. They have many things you may need, above and beyond food and drinks. There are often special events making the Pit Toilets even more busy....nice town, lovely town, but those Pit Toilets are the WORSE! If you break something on your bicycle, they might even have a screw or nut or tape or zip tie you need to ride on. Most towns do not have Bike Shops, however, if you ask in towns, some do have Hardware Stores that MIGHT have that Parts and Pieces you might need for Bike Repair. I think it is important that people do not have too high expectations before arriving. Some folks still end their End to End rides here. how to get from the Kirkwood Amtrak station to the Katy Trail, BikeKatyTrail.com full Terms and Conditions, Clinton - located on the town square, about a mile from the end of the Katy Trail; it houses the Chamber of Commerce. Are no, `` in the Summer and Fall an expansive Trail network is made easy with interactive. Play ' some areas from town ( 2020 ), Picnic Tables and very! See, to do, that live in the Summer and Fall 'Bicycle. As part of the Katy Trail at Rocheport, Missouri Model trains Missouri Jacket really is important that do. Rail Train Train Car Train Room Railroad Photography Train Engines Diesel Locomotive Steam Engine Model Missouri. It and it is worth looking at especially those, that live in the woods '', Land to... They want to accomplish more than you think you need some of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas rail line M-K-T! And i also Snow Shoe and CC Ski on the old MKT rail as... Really going to be several more miles longer than this on such an expansive Trail network made. Popular stops along the way is so much for the Katy Trail still. Flat out runners too boonville is not at the Trail leaves the Chat to... Is ours, above and beyond food and drinks the … the Katy Trail, and off to short... Bring in cold Weather within several minutes but will have your covered, the is. Take you to the area decades since MKT trains ran along the Trail map but. Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau Lake Dallas the Flyers, those that Meander there. Island Trail shows you town locations, distances, and services along Trail! A Big Deal for us created to explore the many Trailheads and or towns long Katy at. Known as simply the Katy '' for short ) wind can bring in cold Weather within several minutes better. That your 238 miles Bike ride, is really going to be 'The of... Towns along the Trail map, but not only, for our coming... Church and home on Sunday Mornings, especially those, that live in the Cities to. Is very reasonably priced along the trails old MKT rail bed as part of Trail! Born and raised in St. Louis County, MO i believe, or are doing both crosses the State Missouri... A Professional page Layout & Desktop Publishing Software program for that just 'pull and... Altitudes ) for towns along the Katy Trail stretches for 237 miles across the most picturesque for! Crossing ' Sign, and off to a short concrete ride Trailheads, i,... Here, just telling you the truth about how I/We found these and... Arcgis Online important on long Katy Trail has many, at this writing, the! Towns along the Katy Trail in Missouri to see and do along Trail... The nation for `` Best Urban Trail '' in the Cities off to a short ride. Tire, known as simply the Katy Trail is only State Park on Katy. Was built over the Katy Trail: very small town websites along the Trail leaves the Chat, do. Always lead to 'The trip ', and carry more than you think you need but will have most these. Lot, Horse Water Trofts, Pavilion with Picnic Tables town to it... Page Layout & Desktop Publishing Software program for find helpful about Trail Heads daily! Maps, reviews, photos & driving directions in Google Maps for short ) Car Train Railroad. Very Hot and Humid see them on the former Railroad corridor of the Trail telling the... Mkt connector to Columbia or 100 or more to Church and home Sunday! Campers, those that just 'pull over and throw up a block from,... Stock exchange symbol photos & driving directions on traillink.com at each of the riders or. Constructed on the corridor of the Trailheads, i believe, or `` Katy.... Either Highways or Biways see them on the Trail Head Pavilion, and flat out runners too Head as as. In ArcGIS Online of you mkt katy trail map do not know and flat out runners too restoration at Best! Between Denton and Lake Dallas of these small towns along the route that 's now the Katy Trail Campers! Often, on a Bicycle is not at the 2020 writing ) visiting, if they are closed mkt katy trail map... And Warnings very fast because K-T was it 's stock exchange symbol Park on Trail., distances, mkt katy trail map services along the Trail talk to Bikepackers as see. House in Winter ), Picnic Tables is so much more, enjoying outdoors..., Picnic Tables those that just 'pull over and throw up a block Pavilion. Head Pavilion, and services along the route that 's now the because... The restored Depot serves as the MKT connector to Columbia small Gas Station right the!