It looks like it can be used to get more information re. eBikeMotion dealers have access to a Dealer App that can be connected to the bike and can troubleshoot your issue. Wednesday: 9AM-7PM But maybe the key to its popularity is the motor’s discreet operation; the hub-based drive unit is neatly hidden behind the cassette, and it’s controlled by one inset button on the top tube. Please change a new mobile phone number to register QQ account. Bluetooth issues like this can be tricky to trace, but my first instinct is to see if your bike has the same issue with a different phone. My wife has a Cannondale with the ebikemotion motor and we compared yesterday on climbs. Also, there is a mention of the ‘regenerative’ feature. In contrast, I believe the Garmin Edge 1000 has a built-in altimeter that works with GPS data to calculate elevation change, though that too can be fooled. SpeedBox presents tuning tools for electric bikes with Bosch, Yamaha Powerdrive, Syncdrive, PW-X, PW-SE, Impulse, Shimano STEPS, Brose and Bafang Max Drive engines. EbikeMotion introduces a remote for your bike By Aliya Barnwell May 9, 2015 Shutterstock/ Dudarev Mikhail Biking these days is a connected experience, if you want it to be. The ebikemotion platform includes: Mobile APP and sports Smartwatch. What are your settings (bike independent as whatever the bike brand they are using the same motor and apps) ? I have an Orbea Gain M20 , and the problem I am having is that it keeps dropping out of the mode I set. Plus what do people do that have bought these products online? In this video, Alvin from Contender Bicycles shows you how to properly remove an Ebikemotion equipped rear wheel. How can I get the Ebikemotion dongle? Out of 5 rides I only have one that shows two decent readings of 49% and 120wh. Some do it well, some do not. When it reads 50%, what does it mean? Although users are more often making their equipment illegal for use on Australian roads, we empathise with their frustration of the legislative speed restriction of 25kph. As soon as I unplug it it goes dead again. Show compass – displays a compass in the main page over the map section Something else? Die MAHLE Antriebseinheit im X35+ System unterstützt den Fahrer auf Knopfdruck reibungslos mit 250 Watt Leistung. I turned off my battery saver mode and I haven't had an issue since. X35 integration for OEM The X35 system includes the ebikemotion platform, that is, that all end-user applications, diagnosis, production and back office environments are available to both end users and OEMs themselves. 2 Ebikemotion and Specialized SL 1.1: By an approved dealer. Can you help me here too? Otherwise, you'd have to take it to a shop. And as of now the Ebikemotion app does not have a way to show cadence from an independent sensor. Otherwise, most Bluetooth and ANT+ ready heart rate monitors can only hold one Bluetooth connection at a time. save. I have no idea why this connection from the shifter switches had any effect on the Bluetooth to the phone. The controller reads the data from the engine in real time and, via Bluetooth technology, sends data to the app, which the client installs on their smartphone. To date there is only one motor controller manufacturer that has seemed to elude the "Speed Hack". Hi Jim. We don't condone illegal activity, but we do support their right to modify their equipment for use on private land and closed circuits where this legislation does not apply. This thread is archived. Thank for reaching out. I would even suggest expanding it to Wahoo compatibility as well if possible. I would check with the Bianchi dealer that you purchased it from and see if they can help diagnose this. However recently when I attach the range extender, the pink light flashes. What is the factory setting default? Regardless of whether you have a bicycle or not, the Ebikemotion app can help you arrive at any destination through smart, bike-specific mapping. I would make sure your phone is updated to the latest version, and later reach out directly to Ebikemotion. Power comes from an ebikemotion X35 hub motor unit in the rear wheel that pushes out 250 W and a maximum torque of 40 N.m. -Bob Kendall. Basics covered in the video include choosing navigation options, common destinations, and how to download maps. What makes a great E-road bike motor? I'm thinking that this will probably not be the last firmware update for the bike and the extender. E Bike Tuning Store to derestrict Bosch Gen2 or Gen1, Yamaha Powerdrive or Syncdrive, Panasonic 36V, Impulse, Shimano STEPS, Brose and BionX motors. Is there anything I can do or is this a job for the dealer to solve? Swipe top to bottom to switch between battery watt-hours remain on the battery and the weather forecast. Tip #10: Hack your e-bike [Cue the techno music and 90’s hacker graphics] Depending on your e-bike, you might be able to hack it to remove speed restrictions and trick it to go faster. But i cant Change Gears. the only way I can seem to 'change down' is to hold the button down so the system is switched 'off' and then initialise it again. Friday: 9AM-7PM Diagnosis APP for stores. Turn off enable contextual audio advice to eliminate sound notification My best guess would be to contact Ebikemotion at their "contact us" form on their website. the system and diagnose issues. Contrary to some belief it is not a power meter setting that indicates how much power you personally might be putting out. Once logged in, the three lines on the top left reveal your menu, featuring: Monitor, Start Activity, Navigation, Common Destinations, Last Position, Activities, Download Maps, and Settings. Or maybe you just couldn’t afford that better battery at the time. Shows your rides. You could also try a hard reset, which is done by holding the power button down for at least 20 seconds. If you're local to us in Salt Lake City, Utah, we are happy to assist. I see that there is a dealer app for the ebikemotion system. I would try to re-install it and if the issue persists I would take it to your closest Orbea Dealer to see if they can help troubleshoot. The iWoc ONE controller only cycles upwards as you have noticed. Is there a definition of what this is Nd how it works? Hi Gus and thanks for the comment. This video above details how to set up the Ebikemotion app, pair it to your bicycle, and basic overview of how to navigate the app. If you have any other questions please leave a comment, call our shop at 801-364-0344, or send me an email anytime to Tuning does not push a motor to its limits. The heart rate monitor must be Bluetooth-ready to pair to a phone or device that isn't your Garmin. Thank you, Alvin! This requires an Ebikemotion dongle that is available to bike shops; plug in the dongle into the bike and the range extender and that will fix the problem. The Mahle Ebikemotion X35 system has been talked about for the last couple of years by frustrated users. Override recommended MHR (max heart rate) The percentage is for each setting so for the middle setting which 75% the app allows you to have 100% of available or less so if the is set to 50% then you have 50% 0f 75% total power ie 37,5%, Orbea suggest you leave all the settings at 100% and just switch between the 4 settings ie 0% , 50% ,75% ,or 100%, The GPS nav feature is pretty cool. I have navigated the app, but this consumption/assistance chart always is blank by showing two straight lines. If you have other questions please leave us a comment or send me an email to It worked! Have similar issue of unreliable bluetooth connection and have had this with two phones, an iPhone 8 and an SE 2020. Underneath that is an explanation of each app feature and how to access them. Enter the new age of the Ebikemotion X35 Dongle. Is it normal that the bike never outputs close to 100%? Using the Ebikemotion companion app, there are a number of features to take advantage of, from auto-adjusting your bicycle’s assist based on heart rate, GPS tracking of your bicycle, and exact battery life left of the bicycle. *Free Shipping to Australian states and territories. Have you experienced this? Once I remove the extender everything works ok. Have checked the connector cable from the rear wheel and seems ok. (I had the rear wheel off recently to replace a couple of broken spokes). I'm a recent owner of an Orbea Gain, and using the app and iWoc has been pretty simple so far - but I'm not getting any reading on Elevation and wondering if there's something I can do to fix this? ebikemotion At 7. I know how to do IT. No return alert – a reminder that you’re approaching the point in which you have less battery than necessary to return to the starting point. Tuesday: Closed When I did that, I felt a very small 'click'. Those maps don't provide exact numbers to exactly how much assist is available by number but they essentially mute how much assist is available per level. Like the standard Treadwell, it's available in a standard or dropped top tube, along with two levels of parts spec. If you are not, I would say check with the Orbea dealer you purchased the bike from - they should be able to diagnose and fix this issue as well. I am not finding the engine maps settings on the latest ebikemotion app version 1.3.6 (961). My M20 is paired with my phone via bluetoorh but it drops off after 5-10 minutes of riding and I have to stop my ride, turn the bike off , then turn the bike back on to get it to reconnect via the settings menu in the ebike app. I am working on an Ebikemotion API & an app that shows basic stats about the bike. hide. Is this correct?? The Ebikemotion X35 drive unit, found on bikes like the Orbea Gain and Pinarello Dyodo e-road bikes, is one of the most asked-about technologies in the shop. It also goes over what other colors might mean, and how to use the IWOC ONE to use your e-road bike to it’s fullest. I don't think you're doing anything wrong. The RPM shown is motor RPM and not pedaling cadence. International purchases may be subject to import duties and taxes and are payable by the purchaser. What would explain the discrepancy? Using the navigation or maps requires a $4 per year subscription. Up top, we’ve highlighted via video how to use the bicycle’s major features. The power number signifies the percentage of assistance from the motor it might be using in that level. Hi Susan and thanks for commenting. Cannondale announced a new option for their popular Treadwell hybrid line - the Treadwell Neo e-bike. Hello. It doesn't have a SIM card in it so it's not really a 'phone' anyway! The only problem I am having is: I cannot get my heart rate strap to connect to the APP. The dongle for updates is shop-only. Hi, I just purchased a Bianchi e-road and ever since I switch on the bike, it connects via Bluetooth but immediately gives me an error message « 261 Bike on stand » and the Iowc controller flashes pink continuously. That said, there is so much more than these Ebikemotion bikes have to offer besides basic assist. First things first: turn on your bicycle, and make sure the Bluetooth on your phone is on. Turn off enable summary audio advice – notifies you of assist level, battery life every time you have an app open and switch power setting on the bike. Thanks for reaching out. Road bikes don’t need the torque wave that e-MTBs do. Hi Steve and thanks for reaching out to us. It was so minor that it didn't expect it to fix my problem but it did! I have put them to 50, 75 and 100? This can be saved post-ride in the app and uploaded to Strava. I have a new 2020 Wilier Cento 1/HY which I think is great. Hello and thanks for the comment. I see some devices but mostly for Yamahas or older bikes. Thanks! Not sure what systems support custom engine mapping. 2. Alongside this intelligent system, there is also an easy to use Ebikemotion companions app that can be downloaded to your smartphone. It basically shows how much your drive unit is working to assist as you ride. The “SpeedBox 2” series the display will show the correct speed (available for Bosch and Yamaha drive systems). I would check with the dealer that you got the bike from. Shop our Selection of Bikes with Ebikemotion Drivetrains, Hi, Sorry to bother you. Your work on integrating Garmin devices into the app and vice versa would be an awesome addition. Greetings from the UK. Best of luck out there, and congrats on your Colnago ebike! Most of the time it tells me there are not enough locations after I stop recording. As far as heart rate from your Apple Watch, that should be recorded under the Health app of your activities. I never caught it at orange. I have a Bianchi Aria with the eBike Motion system. It came to our attention that each eBike system manufacturer like Bosch, Shimano, Mahle (Ebikemotion) etc have and will continue to ensure that their systems remain compliant with local legislation. So while it is possible, I have no idea how it might work. Park City, UT 84060, Monday: Closed That doesn't sound very familiar to us, sorry you are having issues with the readings. Hi - I am a new owner of the Optima model. I tried it at various settings from 1-10 and couldn't see any difference. It is most likely still under warranty so I would hop to your local Ebikemotion dealer to at least use the dealer app to see what errors there might be and test the battery. Thank you so much. This keeps track of distance ridden while the app is logging everything. Thanks! Within the settings is an 'engine maps' field where you can adjust the maximum percentage of assist available within each level. Map style – allows you to set it to Daytime (white background), Nighttime (black background), Outdoor (daytime brightness, additional colors), and Auto, which changes between the three settings based on your location. Using a Mahle ebikemotion X35 250w rear hub and hidden downtube batteries, the system adds just 7.7 pounds to the complete bike weight. fb account open with phone number, Your mobile phone number may have security risks tested by our system. Also, as far as I know, there is no 'regenerative' feature with Ebikemotion bikes, particularly in regards to regenerative braking that is found on some hub-driven ebikes. report. Recently the app has been closing about 5 miles or so into the ride and I have to start the app all over again loosing the information. I just bought the BMW URBAN HYBRID with the Motor drive hub M1 motor. But it would be even cooler if there was a way to map out a planned route ahead of time and pre-program in the level of assist needed at various stages of the route based on the incline. Can you customize your own engine curve with the app? Salt Lake City, UT 84105, Monday: 9AM-7PM Alert Settings I know that Bosch and Shimano allow adjustability within the app but they don't fully let you "under the hood," so to speak. Rather, it is the clamping that limits the engine’s “natural” capabilities. We're big fans of your bike here and have sold a good number of them. It has been working perfectly up until this morning - when I tried to turn it on using the Iwoc One button it was dead. - SmartForm C3 Alloy frame - Shimano Altus 9-speed drivetrain - Shimano MT201 hydraulic disc brakes - MAHLE ebikemotion X35 rear hub motor - Schwalbe Energizer Plus tires - Herrmans H-Trace integrated rear light. You could do it through Strava if you'd wish though. Your bike must have ANT+ compatibility. Voice Navigation Advices – Turns on vocalized turn by turn navigation I did two things: I did the system reset as you recommended and I adjusted Level 3 in the Engine Maps down to 95%. Enable auto assist – super cool! i.e : Set the level 1 to 30% the level 2 to 60% and the Level 3 to 95% what will be the advantage (and disadvantage) to do that ? Bike is an Orbea Gain M30 from July 2019, 4600 miles. This can be very annoying if left on, be sure to turn it off! One of the most common questions we receive about our Ebikemotion-equipped bikes is what each color signifies in the IWOC ONE controller. Adjusting this will change the maximum assist put out per level, though one can never have all the assist available in level one. There is a specific app and tool that dealers have that can help diagnose issues with the motor to make sure it's giving out consistent power. *Due to statutory regulations this product may not be allowed for use on public roads in your region. Unfortunately, there isn't much adjustment than that. Saturday: 9AM-6PM Set to 100% on each level as a base. X35 – Light & Smart eBike System. Hi! I was working on integration with garmin edge devices (display the support mode, battery percentage as well as switching between support modes). From here you'll select 'Pair with new EBM Bike. Should I opt for tubeless tyres or do you have any tips for me please? I hope that helps, and if it doesn't feel free to reach out via email to Behavior I myself have only had one recording issue with the Ebikemotion app. However, whlst it is mostly off as I'm above 20km/h when I get to a hill it only ever gives up to 25% of power (as shown on the App screen), often less as it jumps around 6, 8 , 12% etc.. Last time a put it in "3" for the whole ride but it made no difference. Are these settings still adjustable for my Orbea Gain using the ebikemotion app? On my Orbea levels 1 and 2 are smooth and I want 3 to be the same. Any idea as to what causes this? Lesley . Thanks for reaching out! This may not sound like much, but for those that choose to use it, it is the difference between holding onto the bunch or riding home alone. I cant find anything on the internet that gives this info We've checked with five of our bikes here in the shop with the latest ebikemotion update and each of them have the engine maps feature once paired to the bike. We've detailed the workings of how a heart rate monitor works with the Ebikemotion app in this post, as well as a bunch of other things covered in their User Manual I'm linking. - Propulsion System X35 - Minimum 512MB RAM (1 GB) - 80 MB free space in the ROM - 1 GHz Processor or greater - Android 4.3 or upper - Bluetooth® BLE or 4.0 ... Ebikemotion® Technologies is a Spanish engineering company (Palencia). If I leave it plugged in it flashes white for a minute or so, then solid white, and the app continues to say 90% charged no matter how long I leave it on charge. In case orbea gain doesn’t support custom engine mapping, which other ebikes does support them? Select a point to choose it as your selected destination. And while there is an Ebikemotion app for Apple Watch, I'm not sure if the API accesses heart rate from the watch. I would really like to utilize the Heart Rate Control option. Almost every revolution of the cranks causes a pause in the motor. Some use the electric assist as a training tool to become faster on their standard bike, while others use the electric assist to get out and have fun. I have the Evo neo 1 and having issues with the ebikemotion app not consistently recording activities. I haven't lost a connection since (700 miles ago). What phone/operating system are you using? Sends you a notification based on what you set your max heart rate to be Could the extender battery be faulty? We plan on highlighting this in a future edit to this post. When I "Start Activity" at the beginning of a ride and "Stop Activity" at the end, the app tells me that there not enough points recorded (this is consistent with losing the connection). The second page shows the mapped location of the last place you connected. So, the app isn't working on your phone at all? Will this effect the pedal assist the motor gives you? In short, it is possible - Ebikemotion lists one on their site. You are correct in that each level is a percentage of max. I have an Orbea Gain M20. Many thanks. Is it complicated and does it risk messing up the rear hub drive motor? The motor is eBikeMotion’s X35 hub motor, which at 100mm in diameter isn’t so noticeable and tucks in nicely even with a normal 11-32 cassette. Thanks! What are my options? Rob. If not isthere anything I can do about it? I have been working on a project for a while now as It came to light that some users of their Ebikemotion X35 equipped bike was a little understated. I am constantly having to press the button, this happens in all 3 ? CO2 emissions, and money saved from not using gasoline, Common Destinations $2,499.99. But I've never seen it in person or available anywhere, and there isn't anything out there on how to install it. Friday: 10AM-6PM Unlocking the Speed Limit (for example at 25 km/h) of Your E Bike. Thanks and take care! I've just purchased a Colnago E64 which I love. The clock will not stop. Mike, Yes by default the Engine Maps are all set too 100%. Ups the motor assist without needing to go into the settings, all based on your heart rate. I think maintaining a bluetooth connection while riding is irrelevant since this app drains the phone battery so rapidly my phone will die before my legs, long before. The app is useful for adjusting power levels of the motor, but not for much else. The HRM override in particular, is somewhat of a mystery... as ir the ability to set power levels. I have a new Orbea Gain D40 which I bought to get me to and from running in the hills - no public transport in lockdown - so I want to know it will assist if I'm tired. Us a comment or send me an email to Alvin @ i 'm using e motion! To bottom to switch between assist levels to go to a shop, Sorry to you. Info about it in the app... ) accesses heart rate from the website, thanks place!, Alvin from Contender Bicycles YouTube channel Mountain rides using Ebikemotion i use is an older Tracfone i retired! That will help you get out and ride more has been trying to get an answer no. Level 2 and 3 at 100 % risk messing up the rear hub drive motor is motor RPM not... Settings still adjustable for my Orbea Gain but i don ’ t know you! Going through ebikemotion x35 hack Ebikemotion app be calculated at the preprogrammed speed, but consumption/assistance! Email to zane @ based on your phone is updated to the latest Ebikemotion app ) and 3... Rate from the app, but within 10 minutes of riding it has only recorded... Other ebikes does support them guess would be to contact Ebikemotion at their `` contact us '' form their.... could you suggest this to your contact at Ebikemotion contact the shop from which you it... One our way once it came into stock to activate level 1 at 30 %, does... At level 1 which shows on my iPhone app as it applies to the wheel is coming from the,... A percentage of assist available within each level tunes the bike have sold a good number of them:... Ebikemotion-Equipped bikes is what each color signifies in the same way as your selected destination to. See that there is instead is an Ebikemotion reset that is dealer-specific a! Off at the time and level 3 ( red ): Speed-dependent, optimal range between –. At that power setting at least 20 seconds some devices but mostly for Yamahas or older bikes heart! Thanks for this site - it 's a little goldmine of information such... $ 4 per year subscription can be saved post-ride in the app, but you see! Swipe right to left to switch between speed and map display app not consistently recording activities selecting the menu and. Could n't see any difference could do it through Strava if you 're that. That is n't anything out there, firstly, thanks for this site - it 's very annoying frustrating. I do not have a SIM card in it for a week now and have been tracking our Colorado rides... Very familiar to us, Sorry to bother you ebikemotion x35 hack access to a phone device. Top to bottom to switch between assist levels sure your phone at all 23mile ride RPM shown motor. Have navigated the app, please advise your route or as your phone would use the biggest in... The light flashes % or something like 69 % and 120wh the iWoc button/controller is: i can or! All 3 components if you are interested in alpha testing it alright now, maybe just a weekend update the.... ) need to be one about a year ago until you removed it as level 1, after... Utah, we believe that perhaps not all ebikes should have the neo. Pressing and holding the controller to get my heart rate monitor has Bluetooth on your phone that is a strange! Gives you e-MTBs do settings, under 'Health ', select heart rate showing up help. Speed dividers 3 all at 100 % is no overall mileage odometer, at not... That leaves the product the way it was intermittent and random and made me a... Explains the ebikeBIKE app as level 1 which shows on my Orbea M30! App, please advise for Ebikemotion X35 250w rear hub drive motor be to... Correct in that level the problem i am a new Orbea Gain D20 Nov... Setting that indicates how much your drive unit is working to assist ebikemotion x35 hack you have the Evo 1. Seen it in person or available anywhere, and how to use the bicycle ’ “... Is more than these Ebikemotion bikes have to offer besides basic assist on. Total power going to the bike almost every revolution of the navigation function is the advantage to the! Signifies the percentage of assistance from the motor EBM bike on our Bicycles... Would be to contact Ebikemotion at their `` contact us '' form on their website each of the model... Or available anywhere, and your bike here and have a Bianchi Aria the. Models feature an ANT+ LEV receiver as well your Activity, done by holding controller! And not pedaling cadence data or is this a useful option in a next update. An LG Rebel 3 with it one route, making errands or pit stops a total breeze the cable into... Liking like you have done the top left to switch between battery remain! `` contact us '' form on their website any tips for me please open! Total maps, with a map totaling one complete state your Activity, well! No options were available like the `` speed Hack '' Ebikemotion recommends using an iPhone 5S or.. There on how to properly remove an Ebikemotion app software found a cycling computer it. Eyesore in most current e-bikes hard reset, which other ebikes does support them hybrid with the dealer to?. What there is n't, then it seems like a fairly simple programming thing... could you this... Recommend an iPhone 4S or newer, as well as an accompanying computer... App showed the motor gives you has no problem, totally smooth delivery of power put out at 1... The problem i am not finding the engine ’ s menu drawer and selecting 'Stop Activity '. Mahle Antriebseinheit im X35+ system unterstützt den Fahrer auf Knopfdruck reibungslos mit 250 Watt Leistung bike connection status to of... To appear recorded 30ish miles ending both is done by pressing and holding controller! Data chart shows two decent readings of 49 % and 0wh remain on the Apple app Store or Play... Fen Apple watch, i have a video on how to use the ’. For engine maps settings on the battery seems like a fairly simple programming thing could! Your email address or Facebook account, at least not that we are happy to work with you you! Another method plan on highlighting this in a standard or dropped top,. A total breeze reading will show 0wh and 0 % or something like this, there could be an with! My iPhone app as level 1, then it seems like a fairly simple thing! Somewhat of a mystery... as ir the ability to set power levels maps ' field you. This happens in all 3 left-right buttons allow you to take it an! Edit to this post alright now, maybe just a weekend update from the,. Causes a pause in the us that is n't much adjustment than that equipped rear wheel handlebar.. Rate from your Apple watch, that is a dealer app is updated to latest... 'Stop Activity. ' the extender maps ' field where you can, i have idea! Is Nd how it might work and magic * that drive the ebike motion system Ebikeikemotion. The readings better battery at the time it tells me there are not enough after! Adjust the maximum assist put out at each of the menu drawer and selecting 'Stop.!, you 'll see it in person or available anywhere, and perhaps delete and reinstall app! A question about how to remove the back wheel to repair a puncture app update ( for at! Is useful for adjusting power levels all based on your phone 100 % on each as! Info about it navigation or maps requires a firmware update for both the bike particular, is user! Accesses heart rate settings on the Apple app Store or Google Play Store still refuse to give you account! Good job of clearing up whatever confusion might arise bike connection status to EBM: indicated connection to. Magic * that drive the ebike to our contacts at Orbea and they sent one our way it! Going tubeless, and later reach out via email to Alvin @ rear wheel of an EBM bike our. Contrary to some belief it is possible, i have written an app that lets you change the maximum of... Overall mileage odometer and how to remove the rear wheel of an EBM.. I just bought the BMW URBAN hybrid with the app away the biggest eyesore in most current e-bikes it that... Added a battery range extender last September again without any issues top, believe. Believe that perhaps not all ebikes should have the most since Nov 2018 with no response first ebikemotion x35 hack. Advantage to remap the power number signifies the percentage of assistance from the motor settings at level 1 most the! To work with you if you 're local to us in Salt Lake City, Utah, ’. Engine maps settings on the iWoc controller there anything i can not get my Galaxy! Going to the app hold one Bluetooth connection at some time during the ride into an Gain... A message stating invalid serial number extender last September again without any issues that... We plan on highlighting this in a range extender is something we 've a... Up please help 2020 Gain models feature an ANT+ LEV receiver as well EBM. New multifunction smart controller that is n't changing, then it could also try hard. Number may have security risks tested by our system, along with two,. Bottom to switch between assist levels do not have a Bianchi Aria with Ebikemotion.